Best E-Cigars Reviewed for 2019

The Best E-Cigar Reviews

Once you find an e-cigar that best suits your desire you might never look back to the traditional stogie!

Coming from an old-school cigar smoker, using this style of e-cig  generally means – one who looks forward to enjoying a traditional cigar –  without the room reeking of the real thing – and removing harsh chemicals associated with cigars in the process.

The best e-cigars has to be realistic in the look and feel, and most importantly, the taste has to hit the mark! If these aspects are met, you can obtain all the perks of a cigar but remain free of the smoke and messy ashes that are common with a real cigar.

The design of the device is probably the main reason why it is becoming more and more popular all the time. The electronic cigarette industry is finally realizing that the electronic cigar has to be built a little differently than a typical e-cig. The recommendations below are some of the better models on the market that have put forth the effort in re-creating one of our favorite past-time activities.

Reading the reviews below will help you dial-in on the best e-cigar options out there.

How Do They Actually Work? 

E-cigars are made in such a way that instead of smoke, flavored liquid nicotine is vaporized into the air.

This vapor has very little or no smell at all that only the person smoking it can enjoy.

Even a person seated next to an e-cigar smoker cannot smell the vapor. Once it’s released from the device, it dissolves into the air leaving no lingering odors.

What To Look For In An E-Cigar

A regular cigars has a particular taste and flavor, which means that for an E-cigar to taste as authentic as a traditional cigar, the flavor has to be duplicated.

The liquid in an E cigar is made from nicotine that is extracted from the tobacco leaf, which means that it will have a very similar taste to an organic Cuvana.

As for the vapor, it is important to note that when you burn tobacco, the smoke has a harsh, distinct smell and taste.

An ecigar has a much smoother and sweeter taste because there is no tobacco burned, but rather, the e-liquid is vaporized. A good E-stogie will have nearly the same look and feel as a hand-rolled Cuban.

Top vendors spend more time on making them look as realistic as possible in order to ensure that their customers have an authentic experience. An e-cigar will give you a lot of attention in restaurants and other “no-smoking” zones only for people to realize that there is absolutely no nauseating smoke coming out of your stogie.

Because E-cigars don’t produce the typical tobacco smoke and messy ashes, you can easily smoke it anywhere you want.

How Long Does An E-Cigar Last? 

If you are wondering how long an e-cigar will last, well a quality device will most likely require charging after 1000 puffs, so it is very safe to say one e-cig will get you through a long poker game or sporting event with your friends without any worry.

The electronic cigar is designed with a red LED light on the tip that glows, every time the ecigar is in use, giving it the “ash-effect.”

For those that would prefer a rechargeable electronic cigar, you should check out the recommendations below as most focus on this power option.  These e-cigars are built for the long haul and most contain a powerful battery for all-day use and refilled with different e-liquid flavors as well.

Mid to high range electronic cigar brands are the best choice when starting out and it is important to consider finding the best electronic cigar for yourself  to avoid the shortcomings of a cheap, low quality e-cig.

The internal components of a high quality e-cigar will afford you a better experience that will satisfy your needs as a smoker.

The best replica will give you the vaping experience that is second to none and the overall look should mirror this too. In our reviews below, you are sure to find the best looking, and the best tasting E cigar that will rival any hand-rolled traditional stogie.

  • The Apollo E-Cigar

Apollo is well respected in the e-cig community, so it only makes sense that their attempt at making a great e-stogie has come near to perfection.

All cuvana enthusiasts will enjoy this one thanks to amazing real cigar feel and build quality. This Cuban cigar flavored model comes with a massive battery, big enough to handle any poker game or party!

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  • The Cuvana By Cigavette

The Cuvana tops the list of the best e-cigars on the market. This beauty hits on all the marks that you look for in a replacement for the traditional stogie.

The difference will be hard to tell after the first hit! Smooth and rich, the Cuvana is our favorite e-cigar and easily has one of the longest lasting batteries we’ve tried. Enjoy!

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